What is a Roof Inspection?

It seems like the answer would be obvious. A qualified roof inspector (a licensed inspector that is aware of building codes, manufactures specifications and  industry standards) checks out the roof & then provides a report providing all of the  information   about the roof that may be relevant to the parties involved.

It is not nearly that simple, the reason is that the majority of the roof inspections done in San Joaquin & Sacramento Counties  completely subjective.

What is a “subjective” roof inspection?

sub·jec·tive / adjective  1.based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions. /  “his views are highly subjective” –  in other words, not based on fact, why would anyone want a roof inspection or  roof certification that is not based on fact?

Now that you know the facts, the rest is up to you! Don’t buy into the hidden fees and disclaimers.