Free Roof Inspection – Photos Provided?

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Why Is It Important That Photos Are Provided?

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Of course the main reason is for verification of roof defects that are pointed out by the roof inspector since the general public is not expected to climb around on their roof (nor should they be) in order to verify information in the free roof inspection report.

The second reason is that a picture really is worth a thousand words. Most homeowners are not roofing experts and photos are very a very good way to help homeowners really understand what the roofing inspection report is actually referring to.

The third reason is verification of repairs. When pictures are provided in the original roof inspection, once any needed roof repairs are completed, after pictures can show homeowners that the roofing work was actually performed and that they were done well, giving the owner proof that the roofing work was performed according to specifications in the roof report and that it done up to the customers expectations.

Free Roof Inspection –

Nothing Is Free. Certified Roof & Inspection used to have a very similar company name to a free roof inspection company so many consumers assumed that we were affiliated, we  changed our business name after 20 years to avoid this confusion.

We have seen through researching customer reviews on Yelp that approximately 30% of customers that order a free roof inspection come away very dissatisfied and these are the 30% that actually were able to verify whether or not the free roof inspection report was accurate. If more free roof inspection  customers were able to verify the accuracy of the free roof inspection report, the percentage would go way up. They are vague and uninformative, I believe the reason for this is that when a roofing company is providing thousands of free roof inspections they simply cannot afford to be thorough and worse yet, cannot afford to not find any problems on your roof.  Sure free roof inspection companies do more roof inspections than anyone, because the average consumer has a hard time resisting free,  – but they also have the worst track record according to their customers.

Quality Service –

We are a small family owned roofing company and we serve Stockton California. When we are booked to capacity it is our policy to not take on any more work than we can service in way that our customers appreciate, this involves lots of communication with customers, lots of management presence on actual job sites,  and certified, uniformed roofing installers on every one of our job sites.

In 45 years of roofing I have never had a customer imply or say that we were under staffed. That is because we only take on enough work that we can always provide top quality work and customer service.

I have been accused of being under staffed… by a free roof inspection company, and while doing it they also said:

Free Roof Inspection Company: “has inspected over 50,000 roofs in Northern California (12 counties) in 3 1/2 years, we provide service within 24-48 hours, we provide FREE roof inspections, we have 8 full-time inspectors / estimators and 10 full-time repair crews, and we never turn customers away for any reason, regardless of how busy it may ever get.

Then Free Roof Inspection Company said this to a homeowner that could not get good service because the company did not have enough help:
“It is like going to a restaurant on New Years Eve. A restaurant owner is NOT going to build a new restaurant and hire new workers so that they can handle the overflow of business for that one day of the year when everybody wants to use the restaurant.”

Now this explanation does make good sense, it is also very apparent that the policy regarding under-staffing depends completely on who they are talking to.

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