Free Roof Inspection VS. Real Roof Inspection

I would like to start by saying that I know there are lots of high quality roofing contractors out there who have been working on roofs for years  paying their dues  providing excellent roofing, repair and inspection services, and to you guys my hats off – you have my utmost respect. This article is in no way intended to minimize the hard work and effort that roofers put in, some of the things a career roofer has to endure are incredible in my opinion.

Terrible Roof Repair Work

That being said, there are also some that are saying they provide free “roof inspections” and “impeccable repair work”when in fact they are not actually even providing a roof inspection and the “impeccable repair work”? The fact is most of the time they have absolutely no idea what their repair work even looks like because they use workers they have not even met or that they barely know, to do it.  I do know what it looks like because I get calls all the time to fix it and some of it is TERRIBLE.

Home Buyers, Homeowners and Roof Inspections

In all actuality, homeowners and home buyers are being deceived and in many cases buying a home under the false impression that they have been informed about all of the roofs defects when as a matter of fact they have not, and it’s not fair to them.There are people out there claiming to be “roof inspectors” who are not actually licensed, and THAT is the key. There are virtually NO LEGAL REQUIREMENTS for being a roof inspector, other than the obvious ethical issues that would have to be addressed by the California Business & Professions Code which is actually very comprehensive but requires legal action to enforce, much to the delight of the beneficiaries.

Most of the time the “inspector” is an out of work roofer, working for someone who has a license, or sometimes even just people they hired who have never even put on a roof.

Here is a copy of an actual free roof inspection. We came across this because after this company provided a free roof inspection to this young woman, they followed up by showing up uninvited, performing unauthorized work on her roof, and left her a bill.  She had the sense to seek out some help and we were hired to come and do a real inspection (happens frequently) after the fact. There is one sentence here describing the condition of the roof, then a paragraph of disclaimers regarding that sentence.

Update: We have been informed that after seeing this page, they have decided to upgrade their service! Good for all, even though it is only cosmetic.

Here is a copy of our inspection for the same property, 10 pages of content that this young home buyer really needed to know regarding the roofs condition including damage caused by the unauthorized “repair” work, LOTS of items not noted on their “free inspection” (see for yourself) and lots of missing and damaged shingles left behind even though this was supposedly fixed.

Our inspection includes all pertinent information regarding the roof and not a single disclaimer – because we know our information is correct.  After the inspection report below,  is a sample of our roof certification.

So here is the obvious question.

Do You See These Two “Roof Reports” As The Same Thing?……..Or Even Close?

You really owe it to yourself to ask one simple question:
 Is the person inspecting my roof a licensed contractor?

If the answer is not a simple yes……’s a no.

Sure, it’s legal…but so is shooting yourself in the foot!

Certified Roof & Inspection State Contractor’s License Number is 628619 – Since 1991

For obvious reasons it is necessary to define the term roof inspection.

Roof Inspection – The inspection of a roof, including the visual and  instrumental verification of its condition, to determine its maintenance, replacement actions, and the causes of any defects that may have arisen.
The inspector should try to find and report any current or potential defects reasonably apparent.

At least 80% of the time, a free roof “inspection” will be performed by someone who has absolutely no roofing or inspection credentialsother than the fact that their boss is calling them an inspector. (Like my inspectors below!)

Roof Inspection Report

The big clue is when they will give you a document that they are calling a roof inspection report but then there is a disclaimer like “for purposes of certification evaluation only” meaning you cannot use it as an actual roof inspection report, rather it’s only actual value is to tell them what they need to do to repair the roof, and they are giving you a copy. Wow, and the don’t charge for this? How nice of them!

This is the main clue. If it were an actual roof inspection there would be no conditions regarding its use. Sure everyone has disclaimers about certain components of the property, liability etc. but this is different. This states that the inspection is only relevant in terms of issuers certification and not in terms of the roofs actual condition, and thereby not an actual roof inspection.In 40 years of roofing work I have yet to see a free “roof inspection” that was worth the paper it was written on. They are vague, uninformative and in my opinion, worth exactly what was paid. (Actually you would be better off with nothing, at least then you would not be misinformed and under a false impression.) At Ron William’s Certified Roof & Inspection, we are a roofing and roof repair company who also offers roof inspection and roof certification services.When we are hired to do an inspection, our focus is to provide all pertinent information regarding the roof, regardless of certification conditions. If you don’t want all of the information then you don’t want us.

When we arrive at a site, we have been paid for the inspection and don’t need to sell anything beyond that, the sole focus is providing a comprehensive roof inspection and report.

Our inspection is for the purpose of giving the customer all available information pertaining to the roof and may be used for any purpose.

All items noted are verifiable using industry standards, NRCA guidelines, manufacturer’s specifications and local UBCs.

It is a real roof inspection, done by an actual qualified inspector and for that reason will not be refuted and will stand up against any and all scrutiny including litigation situations.

If you want to know all about your roof, you can’t beat an inspection report done by Ron Williams’ Certified Roof & Inspection.

If you don’t really want to know, but still need an “inspection” then the free route may be for you.

Order an inspection by a licensed, bonded and insured  contractor. For all your roof and deck repair, inspection and power washing needs, Call the Certified Roof & Inspection You’ll Be Glad You Did!

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